Should i get a flue shot if i am pregnant?

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Today’s number one question! You are pregnant and are unsure if you should take the Flu Vaccine. Straight from CDC – Center of Disease Control –

Why should pregnant people get a flu shot?

  • Influenza is more likely to cause illness that results in hospitalization in pregnant people than in people of reproductive age who are not pregnant. 
  • Influenza also may be harmful for the developing baby.
  • A common influenza symptom, fever, has been associated in some studies with neural tube defects and other adverse outcomes for a developing baby.
  • Getting vaccinated while pregnant also can help protect a baby from influenza after birth (because antibodies are passed to a developing baby during pregnancy).
  • People who get the influenza vaccine while pregnant or breastfeeding also develop antibodies against influenza that they can share with their infants through their breast milk.

We are entering a New Year. Let’s be safe medically as well as physically.  

The Birthing Center of NY  wishes you all a prosperous and Happy New Year!

Jacqueline Ann Chapman 

He “feels” pregnant?

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Congratulations! You have confirmed your wanted pregnancy. You and your significant other could not be happier. During your first trimester you experience a little morning sickness. You notice your partner has similar symptoms – increased appetite, can’t keep any foods down, feels bloated, has  weight gain, heartburn and is always tired. From the choices below what is the one thing you should not do.

  • -Take prenatal/ childbirth classes 
  • Talk about the pregnancy and baby.
  • -Gently let them know this is unfair to you.  You should be the main concern . You are the one who should be getting the attention.
  • -Let them know this is real and it is called “couvade”. It will go away once your beautiful baby is born.

Babies DO come with Instructions

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Don’t worry you are almost there!

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Congratulations-You are now 37 weeks gestation. You are beginning to get a little nervous. You are having mild discomfort all over your abdomen. You notice that when you walk or change your position the discomfort gets lighter or even go away. You are probably experiencing what? Do you know the answer?

  • Round ligament pain
  • False labor, practice labor, Braxton Hicks Contractions 
  • An indication that your water is going to break soon

* It is so important to know the signs and symptoms of labor.  Know the normal vs complications. Take my class and recognize “The Need To Know”!!

Your BOTH expecting!

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birthing center of ny - we are pregnant

Congratulations!  Did you know this pregnancy, laboring and delivery is as much your responsibility as it is the partner’s.  Partner involvement and bonding is so very important.  Can you choose which ways a partner can bond with the newborn?

-initiate skin to skin  after birth and mommy has done her “Hour Of Power” by skin to skin and breastfeeding with the newborn.

-Place you pointer finger in the palm of your newborn baby hand and experience the grip, the hold of this newborn.

-Take paternity leave if you are able.

-Give the newborn the bath-sing ,talk and playing with the baby.

-Just watching your partner give love, care and comfort to your newborn is enough!!

Babies DO come with Instructions

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Are you prepared for your new baby?

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are you prepared for your new baby

The Birthing Center of NY would like to thank all of mother’s and significant others that took our Birthing Classes.  What makes our classes special? How does the Birthing Center of NY prepare you for your special occasion?

  1. We use hands on demonstrations, we have the equipment to actually practice.
  2. You and your partner experience a simulated labor. You practice timing your contractions using your contractions app on your phone as well as on paper. 
  3. When the simulated labor prompts you that a contraction is coming you learn to use different relaxation exercises during the simulated contractions, when you have real contractions you will know what to do!
  4. We teach you what to expect with an epidural, what possible pain medications are available.
  5. We teach signs and symptoms of labor and the various stages of labor – this includes why there is the possibility of needing to artificially rupture the membranes, performing an episiotomy and possible laceration repair
  6. What a vacuum assisted delivery is and when this might happen, what to expect afterwards 
  7. Each lecture and class allows time for questions and is followed with a video to reinforce what was taught 
  8. Mother and significant others have a set up of anatomically correct dolls and tools for feeding and complete washing of the baby, washing hair , changing diaper, umbilical cord care, baby temperature, etc.
  9. We teach postpartum care. 
  10. We cover baby safety, tummy time, at the end of the class you learn infant CPR and Infant Choking ( Bonus-optional)
  11. With permission pics are taken through out the class and sent back to you after class for your memory and you get a certificate of completion.
  12. Taking care of someone else’s child is not the same as taking care of your own child. The need to know is so important! Take my class and learn and have fun doing it !!! 

Babies DO come with Instructions

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Pregnancy can be a joyful event and yet a bit scary

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In pregnancy you have two types of situations that can occur.  One is an emergency, this is considered a threat to the life or health of you and/or your unborn.  Then you have urgency. This is not an immediate threat but it needs to be addressed quickly. You have discussed your plan of delivery with your provider or midwife.

Choosing below, can you pick out what is an emergency and what is an urgency. Emergency you go to the closest facility and urgency you call your provider to find out the next steps – urgency can turn into emergency quickly in some cases. (always check with your provider).

You need to know the difference, you need to take my class!!

  • You have eaten and have been walking around and yet you have not felt the baby move in the last 2 hours or more.
  • A gush of water from your vagina- the color is very light green
  • A large amount of bright red blood from you vagina and your stomach is hard like a board and you are experiencing pain in the abdomen.
  • You have clear water and good amount of mucus mixed with blood and a unbearable urge to pass stool.
  • Baby is moving fine. You are 32 weeks pregnant, you have contractions that are strong every 4-5 minutes regularly.

Babies DO come with Instructions

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Happy New Year – you are 39 weeks pregnant

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Happy New Year – you are 39 weeks pregnant, so tired,  just want to have this baby already.  You want to self induce labor. Do you know what method can be used to do this. Which method below is not and never should be used or considered!

– Checking with your Ob/Midwife to confirm your gestation age and the safety of going into labor.

– Use of nipple stimulation

– Castor oil

– Herbal remedies

– Over the counter medication 

– Sexual Intercourse 

– Soap Suds Enema

* Please don’t forget to enjoy the end of your pregnancy, your significant other and take some ME TIME – Please don’t forget to take my class! 

Babies DO come with Instructions

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Pregnancy and the COVID Vaccine

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There is still Covid-19 risk!  You are presently breastfeeding and your good friend is confirmed to be pregnant.  Should you both take the Covid vaccine or is it too risky?  Do you know what the recommendations from CDC are? What is the correct answer?

  • The vaccine can pass to your breastmilk some passive immunity and can be unsafe for the newborn .
  • COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for all people aged 5 and older, including people who are pregnant, breastfeeding, trying to get pregnant now or might become pregnant in the future.
  • Studies are limited and  you should not take the vaccine at the time of pregnancy or breastfeeding 
  •  You should only get the vaccination with your provider’s  approval  if you are pregnant or  breastfeeding.

It’s time, you are in the process of having your baby – now what?

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It’s time, you are in the process of having your baby. Your provider tells you to experience something known as “The Ring of Fire.”  Do you know what she is referring too? Can you pick out the incorrect statement below?

  • Once your baby has been delivered you will feel a strong burning sensation to your vaginal area.
  • It’s a feeling created when the baby is crowning –when the head is pushing and stretching the vaginal opening.
  • The burning feeling that you get in your vagina as it starts to stretch in order to allow your baby to exit the birth canal.
  • Perineal massage during your antepartum can help reduce the pain from “The Ring Of Fire” during birth possibly

If you have taken my class you would this answer.  Sign up take my class and be prepared! 

Once you have delivered

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Once you have delivered your newborn, discharge to home from a hospital usually will be >24 hours to 3 days postpartum depending on how you delivered and if there were any ongoing medical concerns.  You must have a car seat in order to be discharged.  Assembling a car seat  can be challenging. Which statement below is accurate.

  • You can go to your neighborhood fire department station and they will assist you
  • The fire departments are no longer trained to help you with the car seat
  • The facility you gave birth at will help you assemble the car seat and help you put your baby in the car seat. 
  • Related to liability and risk factors staff members are not allowed to assist you with the car assembly or putting the newborn in the car seat.

At the Birthing Center Of NY classes we help you be prepared for labor, delivery and postpartum. How to care for yourself and your newborn, practical tips. We provide you with information you need to know. Take my class and be prepared!

Babies DO come with Instructions

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