Covid and you newborn – HELP!

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when to goto the birthign center

Congratulations you are now home with your newborn.  Covid is still active.  Which of answer below is not true?

  • Politely asking anyone that touches or pick up your baby to wash their hands with warm water & soap first (also includes you). 
  • Avoid touching your baby’s face or allowing anyone to touch the baby face.
  • If you or any contacts have symptoms of Covid wear a tightly fitted N95 mask if you are closer than 6 feet, get tested and continue precautions until results are back and no longer have symptoms (regardless of Covid or not, there can be other infections like the flu which can be spread as well). 
  • If you presently have symptoms which are suggestive of Covid.  If you had Covid while pregnant and you received the required vaccination your newborn is protected and no mask is needed when you are giving care to your newborn.

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Babies DO come with Instructions

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Belly pain at 40 weeks – what should I do?

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You are now 40 weeks.  You are having a feeling of tightness and release of pain to your upper and lower abdomen that radiates to your back. These pains are mild and irregular.  Can you choose from below what should you do? 

  • Check your Go-Bag . Making sure you have everything you need.
  • You can take a walk to increase the process of early labor, eat a light meal, drink plenty of fluids (assuming your baby is moving normally).
  • Consult with your physician or midwife for discussion your plan of care.
  • Go to your nearest hospital immediately.

*No worries, take my class at The Birthing Center Of NY and be prepared!!!

Babies DO come with Instructions

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Labor Go-Bag Essentials – Do you know what is important?

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nirthign center baby to go bag preperation

Labor can be very unpredictable. You should have your “Go-Bag” packed and ready by the time you are 36 weeks.  Check with your hospital or birth facility if your items can be brought with you (some may not allow food, etc.).  

Pick out the statement that includes unacceptable items to bring to the hospital or birth facility- read carefully!!

  • Car seat, peanut ball, play list of your favorite music, under garments such as a supportive ( nursing) bra, baby clothes and fitted baby hat.
  • Scented Candles,  flame lighter for candles, cell phone and charger,  clear liquids.  
  • Picture ID and insurance card, Birth Plan, any type of oils and diffuser, nursing pillow. Reading scripts
  • Extra pillows, birthing ball or peanut ball,  sodas, dessert cakes, pain medication,  toiletries, battery operated flickering candles.

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Babies DO come with Instructions

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Are you prepared for your new baby?

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are you prepared for your new baby

The Birthing Center of NY would like to thank all of mother’s and significant others that took our Birthing Classes.  What makes our classes special? How does the Birthing Center of NY prepare you for your special occasion?

  1. We use hands on demonstrations, we have the equipment to actually practice.
  2. You and your partner experience a simulated labor. You practice timing your contractions using your contractions app on your phone as well as on paper. 
  3. When the simulated labor prompts you that a contraction is coming you learn to use different relaxation exercises during the simulated contractions, when you have real contractions you will know what to do!
  4. We teach you what to expect with an epidural, what possible pain medications are available.
  5. We teach signs and symptoms of labor and the various stages of labor – this includes why there is the possibility of needing to artificially rupture the membranes, performing an episiotomy and possible laceration repair
  6. What a vacuum assisted delivery is and when this might happen, what to expect afterwards 
  7. Each lecture and class allows time for questions and is followed with a video to reinforce what was taught 
  8. Mother and significant others have a set up of anatomically correct dolls and tools for feeding and complete washing of the baby, washing hair , changing diaper, umbilical cord care, baby temperature, etc.
  9. We teach postpartum care. 
  10. We cover baby safety, tummy time, at the end of the class you learn infant CPR and Infant Choking ( Bonus-optional)
  11. With permission pics are taken through out the class and sent back to you after class for your memory and you get a certificate of completion.
  12. Taking care of someone else’s child is not the same as taking care of your own child. The need to know is so important! Take my class and learn and have fun doing it !!! 

Babies DO come with Instructions

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Do you need a Birthing Class?

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This week’s Nurse Jackie Hints will address many of the questions you have concerning taking my class. 

  • Classes are held at The Birthing Center Of NY and you do not have to be  client/ patient of ours to take the class, we do allow for Virtual classes at added cost and you must purchase your own supplies for the class (in-person we provide)
  • Ideally you should be around 27 weeks pregnant but you can take my class even at 41 weeks if you desire as long as you have no signs of labor 
  • You do not need a partner for the class, but we do suggest signing them up if they will be with you during labor 
  • Sorry no pets allowed, children are not allowed (we need you to focus 100% on the class)
  • There are no VIPs in my class – however if you have special needs, I will attempt to accommodate you, within reason – we are a healthcare facility therefore what happens here must comply with Department of Health guidelines
  • Hands on and practice is used as a teaching tool and pictures are taken throughout the class and sent back to your cell phone- consent is obtained first
  • Open communication, discussions,  questions and participation is a must!
  • Covid screening within 72 hours of the class is required and masking during the class as well
  • Class completion certificate is awarded. 
  • Bathroom and mini kitchenette with microwave and fridge are available should you wish to bring your own snacks and liquids for the class. 
  • Fun and laughter and good attitude are a must to bring with you! 
  • Must be able to have the  ability to relax,  enjoy yourself and  be prepared for whatever this bundle of joy will have in store for you!
  • We encourage you to stay hydrated doing the class so please bring your own hydration 
  • Classes can be scheduled any day of the week and non-major holidays 
  • We do take pictures with your consent throughout the class and we send them to you via text message.  What a joyful memory.

Special Free Bonus for a limited time only- don’t miss it!  Makes a great gift as well! 

Free American Heart Association Infant Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Choking Infant Resuscitation – offered at the end of a 5 hr class only.  Classes must be paid for prior to date of class and no refunds for no-show client.  Cancellations and rescheduling greater than 24 hours before required for full refund or suspension of penalty.  

Call and schedule an appointment – looking forward to having you in my class!

Babies DO come with Instructions

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Will your baby be a thumb sucker?

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Baby Rose Moon 2-18-21

Your obstetrician or midwife sends you for fetal monitoring. When you view your baby on the monitor, you see him sucking his thumb. Do you have concern your child may be a thumb sucker? Which answer below is incorrect?

  1. Sucking reflexes is actually a normal reflex for a fetus and newborn
  2. It is a sign of hunger for your little one
  3. Allowing the baby to suck on the fingers or thumb can have a calming and soothing effect on your newborn
  4. This can be a problem if the child continues doing this beyond the age of four.  At this age the permanent teeth are presenting and can cause damage to the teeth or child’s bite.  
  5. You should remove the fingers or thumb from the mouth immediately and offer a pacifier. This is a negative habit, it should not be allowed to start.

Babies DO come with Instructions

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It’s time, you are in the process of having your baby – now what?

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birthing class nov 2021

It’s time, you are in the process of having your baby. Your provider tells you to experience something known as “The Ring of Fire.”  Do you know what she is referring too? Can you pick out the incorrect statement below?

  • Once your baby has been delivered you will feel a strong burning sensation to your vaginal area.
  • It’s a feeling created when the baby is crowning –when the head is pushing and stretching the vaginal opening.
  • The burning feeling that you get in your vagina as it starts to stretch in order to allow your baby to exit the birth canal.
  • Perineal massage during your antepartum can help reduce the pain from “The Ring Of Fire” during birth possibly

If you have taken my class you would this answer.  Sign up take my class and be prepared! 

How to calm a fussy baby.

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The best way to calm a fussy baby is to give it a cozy, cuddle hug.  This is the same effect of swaddling your little one.  Do you know which statement is inaccurate?  I provided the answers below because it’s truly important to know. Why? Because we do care. Everyone including hospitals, facilities and basically every person in care of child swaddles an infant using several methods. It is important to know how to do it right – ah, take my class!!

  • Swaddling should end when the infant is about 2 months old
  • Swaddling a baby after 2 months outweighs the benefits once a baby learns to roll over
  • Keeping the baby swaddled all the time can hinder motor development and mobility as well as limit the opportunity to use and explore the hands and legs when awake
  • Baby swaddle too tightly may develop a problem with their hips- ( tightly wrapping a baby legs can lead to hip dislocation or hip dysplasia. Dysplasia is formation of the hip joint  where the top of the thigh bone is not firmly in the socket hip.
  • After the 1st month try to swaddle your baby only during naps and nighttime sleeping. 
  • You should swaddle your baby with the arms down and to the side . Not across the chest . Swaddling with the arms down reduces the risk that you child will wiggle out of the swaddle and bunch the blankets up to his face. 

Answer – All are correct, there is no wrong answer.  Sign up for my class and get prepared & ready to bring your newborn home.  

Babies DO come with Instructions

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A Question so important I will give you the answer!

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signs u are in active labor

Hope you had a safe holiday-this question is so important that at the end I will give the answer- Please, try to figure it out yourself  and if you do not get it right – then you need to take my class!

Question: You are having contractions that appear to be strong and almost intolerable – you call your provider.  What are some signs you might be in active labor or need to be seen for evaluation.

  • You have a large gush of clear fluid from your vagina 
  • You have mucus mixed with a tinge of dark brown or red blood
  • You have cervical changes – your cervix is open up to at least 4-5 cm, and it is getting softer and shorter
  • Your contractions are stronger and harder and more regular intervals, every 3-5 minutes   


  • Your bag of water can break and you may not be in labor, it is expected that within 24 hrs most likely you will go into labor, but you do need to be seen or speak to your provider especially if you are Group B Strep positive on vaginal or urine culture; and if you are preterm (less than 37 weeks); or if you feel the baby is not moving as well
  • “Bloody Show” is the loss of the mucus plug from the cervical canal, indicating the body  is preparing to get ready for the  labor process
  • Labor is defined as regular contractions of the uterus that result in cervical dilation (opening) and effacement (thinning) with descent of the presenting part (hopefully the head)
  • Pain does not necessarily mean you are in labor . Contractions must be strong enough to cause cervical change for you to be in labor! 
  • Sometimes you are in true labor but the baby doesn’t drop due to position of the head, size of the baby in relation to your bones (birth canal)

Babies DO come with Instructions

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Committed to promoting health & prevention of illness

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promoting health and prevention of illness

At our facilities, The Birthing Center of NY and New Life Medical Esthetics & Wellness – we are very committed to promoting health, prevention of illness and our patients taking responsibility for taking care of their own bodies! Our young adults need to develop healthy habits early. What you do now will matter very much when you are older.

Below can you pick out the correct answers?

  • If your partner wants to be intimate  with you,  they are the one responsible for providing protection
  • To ensure safety from sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and pregnancy women should make sure they have the necessary supplies on hand always 
  • Abstinence is the best way to prevent STDs and pregnancy 
  • You should be receiving screening for STD’s and cancer screening from an obstetrician/gynecologist, family medicine physician or other professional with enough training to properly perform examination – and to treat what they may find.    
  • Withdrawal also known as “pulling out” method is safe and effective for not getting pregnant or contracting an STD 

Taking care of yourself and your body is so important. Screening for STD’s may/should include HIV, herpes, syphilis, Hepatitis B and C, gonorrhea/chlamydia and HPV as needed.

Jacqueline Ann Chapman