Pregnancy and high blood pressure

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Pregnancy can be a beautiful event. You can also have complications. You are diagnosed with preeclampsia which means your blood pressures may be elevated above baseline normal along with other signs, some people have protein in their urine with normal blood pressure or severe headache, right upper abdominal pain, etc.

Your provider tells you once you have delivered your baby your blood pressure usually will return to normal.  Pre-eclampsia can occur after delivery as well. Which of the following are normal?  

  • Blood pressure will return to normal immediately after you deliver.
  • Preeclampsia can occur up to 6 weeks after you deliver.
  • Preeclampsia can occur up to 2 weeks after you deliver.
  • Every person’s body is different and there is actually no answer to how many weeks after delivery preeclampsia can occur
  • Elevated blood pressure might not return to normal and you may then be diagnosed with chronic hypertensive.

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