Committed to promoting health & prevention of illness

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At our facilities, The Birthing Center of NY and New Life Medical Esthetics & Wellness – we are very committed to promoting health, prevention of illness and our patients taking responsibility for taking care of their own bodies! Our young adults need to develop healthy habits early. What you do now will matter very much when you are older.

Below can you pick out the correct answers?

  • If your partner wants to be intimate  with you,  they are the one responsible for providing protection
  • To ensure safety from sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and pregnancy women should make sure they have the necessary supplies on hand always 
  • Abstinence is the best way to prevent STDs and pregnancy 
  • You should be receiving screening for STD’s and cancer screening from an obstetrician/gynecologist, family medicine physician or other professional with enough training to properly perform examination – and to treat what they may find.    
  • Withdrawal also known as “pulling out” method is safe and effective for not getting pregnant or contracting an STD 

Taking care of yourself and your body is so important. Screening for STD’s may/should include HIV, herpes, syphilis, Hepatitis B and C, gonorrhea/chlamydia and HPV as needed.

Jacqueline Ann Chapman