You’re pregnant with a 100.4 temperature – what should you do?

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pregnant with 104 temperature

Imaginary Case Study: You’re pregnant and you have a temperature above 100.4 for 2 days and you are coughing. What should you NOT do – there can be more than one incorrect thing to do. PICK THE THINGS YOU SHOULD NOT DO:

1- In case you are admitted to a hospital you should make sure the following people accompany you, Your husband, doula, mother and of course your best friend who is your support.

2-  Do not go to your provider office go to your nearest hospital ER, and immediately let them know you have a fever for 2 days

3-  You should go to your provider office to get immediate care

4-  You should notify your doctor immediately

5 – You should use a mask or  something that looks like a mask, wear gloves

6-  You should make sure you distance yourself from others

7-  Don’t forget to kiss you loves ones before you leave since there is a possibility you may be isolated

8 – Check other household people for signs and symptoms

9 – You do not have difficulty breathing so there is no need for any concern right now

10 –  Hand washing or use of sanitizer is only necessary if you know you touched something

11 –  For prevention of contracting the virus a mask should always be worn in the public whether you are sick or not 

12-  You only need to wear a mask if you are infected or coughing, have a fever or signs of the flu or cold

The correct answers. What you should not do !!
1, 3, 7, 8 ,9 ,10

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