What is the function of the Vernix Caseosa?

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When your baby is born,  it probably will have a cheesy white coating called Vernix Caseosa.  If your baby’s vital signs of life such as breathing, color, heart rate, muscle tone, movement, etc. is not good, the baby may need tactile (skin & nerve) stimulation by warming, drying and rubbing the baby’s hands and soles of the feet.  This is done in order to make your baby’s heartrate pick up, get the circulation moving and encourage breathing, this means some or all of the vernix may end up being wiped off the baby to better dry the baby and allowing greater warmth. Can you identify below what is the function of the Vernix Caseosa?

-It can clog the babies pores and prevent the baby for maintaining its temperature.

-Moisturizers the Baby’s skin after birth.

-Helps baby regulate their body temperature.

-It makes the baby look dirty and unclean and should be removed immediately.

-wards off bad bacteria and microorganisms.

-The scent of Vernix triggers neural connection in the brain that is needed for breastfeeding and it helps the baby find the breast on its own.

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Nurse Jackie says,
"Babies DO come with Instructions"

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