What is a sunny side up baby?

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You are full-term and your provider has informed you  your baby’s head is in a posterior position, will likely be born facing the sun.  You are advised to use a peanut ball .  Do you know  about the Peanut Ball or do you need to take my class?

  1. The peanut ball widens the pelvis, which may encourage a baby in the sunny-side-up position to rotate to face down, thereby making the birth process easier.
  1. Decrease fatigue – labor and delivery can be rather strenuous.  Some women have said using a peanut ball helped them to rest and relax.  
  1. If you have a hip, pelvic, or pubic bone injury, or have had one in the past, a peanut ball may not be appropriate for you.
  1. A peanut ball actually has no effect on the body, it’s merely for comfort only.

Babies DO come with Instructions

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