What to never do after birth

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What not to do after chiuld birth

You had your baby.  Wow! Your vagina has gone through a lot.  It maybe sore, swollen, swelling, uncomfortable or just  painful.  Which one below is should never ever be used – postpartum or not!  A lot of women do not know this answer.  Think about it, you may need to take my class. 

1- Put ice or a cold pack to the perineal area for 10-20 min at a time. Never put ice or ice pack directly to the skin use a thin cloth or wash cloth.

2- Sit in 3-4 inches of water,  just enough to submerged your hips and buttocks for approximately 15-20 minutes three to four times a day.  

3- Take a cleansing Douche , it will make you feel comfortable and clean

4- Use Witch Hazel Pads this will help reduce swelling and decrease pain and helps prevent infection and Lidocaine Spray- Dermaplast  – pain relieving spray.  Use three- four times a day 

Babies DO come with Instructions

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Can you change your babies position from ROP (Right Occiput Posterior)?

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Right Occiput Posterior

In Right Occiput Posterior (ROP), baby is head down and the back is to the side- the mother’s right side. This position can be deceptively reassuring. ROP is the most common of the four posterior positions. Right Occiput Posterior – Baby’s back favors mother’s right side and the back of baby’s head is towards mother’s posterior. The baby would end up delivering facing the ceiling which gives you the challenge of delivering the baby with largest diameter of the head. Very often women take over 3 hours to drop the head down enough to deliver, especially the first time mothers. How can you change the baby position from ROP?

  • Acupuncture 
  • Use of a Peanut Ball
  • You can not change an infant position 
  • Lying on your side with your leg elevated on pillows between your legs

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Babies DO come with instructions!

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Nurse Jackie says,
"Babies DO come with Instructions"

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