Nurse Jackie tip of the week for Jan 20 2020 – breastfeeding

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nurse jackies weekly baby hint

When using a breast pump, how do you prevent your nipples from becoming irritated. What do you need to check.

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Jackie’s 1st 2020 Baby Hint

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nurse jackies weekly baby hint

Your  place of employment is excited for you and your blessed event . They give you a surprise baby shower .  One of the gifts may include a Beauty Day -Have your nails & hair done, facial, Massage and sauna. What a thoughtful gift . You would welcome the relaxation time.

Which of these gifts are  Contraindicated for your pregnancy and could be harmful to your unborn ?

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Jacqueline Ann Chapman

Nurse Jackie Last 2019 year baby hint

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birthing classes at the birthing center of ny

In today’s society pets are considered  a major part of the family.  You just had a addition  to your family a beautiful baby . What is the BEST way you can help your pet become familiar with the baby before the baby comes home?

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