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Every women has the right to choose how she wishes to feed her newborn. If you’re formula feeding, which is the incorrect statement!

-If milk isn’t being stimulated to be produced by your body, it will stop.  So don’t touch or stimulate your breasts, leave them alone.

– If you are engorged when milk comes in and you are planning to formula feed you should wear a tight fitting bra and use breast pads. (cut a sanitary pad in half and use).  In a matter of days the engorgement will steadily decrease .  You may exhibit a low grade fever, this is normal, under 100.4.  If over 100.4, seek medical attention.

-You should pump often to get the milk out of your breast. This will prevent engorgement and help the milk to dry up.


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Babies DO come with instructions!


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Nurse Jackie says,
"Babies DO come with Instructions"

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