Ouch! That Hurts!

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You are breastfeeding your newborn and experiencing pain because the baby has an improper latch.  You should remove the baby from the breast and  replace the baby back on the breast with use of proper latching.  

How do you  remove the baby from the breast? 

  • With your  pointer finger (index) and your thumb, squeeze the breast and pull the baby off the breast.
  • Pinch baby nose until he/she opens the mouth .
  • With a clean pinky finger slide your finger in the baby mouth , on the side of the jaw  pass the lips and press down on your breast. When the baby open up the mouth remove from the breast.
  • While moving your breast back and forth remove baby from the breast. 

Breast feeding takes a lot of patience and time .  Take my classes and learn the art of breastfeeding! 

Babies DO come with Instructions

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