Lactation Support Class by Nurse Jackie

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The Birthing Center of NY is happy to announce

a class many of you have asked for:

Lactation Consultation Session

$60 per couple

Presented by Nurse Jackie!

Nurse Jackie Says, “Now babies now come with instructions!” Learn the tips, tricks and techniques on how to keep your baby healthy – a must for any new mother!

Session Includes:

  • Session length is 1-2 Hours depending on newborn and mothers ability to breast feed successfully.
  • Practice in our beautiful birthing rooms in a quiet, clean home like, private setting.
  • Don’t practice on your baby! We have anatomically correct dolls with mouth open to assist you in practicing breast, spoon and syringe feeding. Then you can apply the skills with your newborn baby.
  • We assist you with newborns latching on, clogged breast milk ducks, sore nipples or referrals if needed.
  • Mothers can bring their baby to our facility so I can assess your breasts, breast feeding technique, breastfeeding positions, breast care and assessing the proper feeding of the newborn through pees and poos to see if their feeding habits need to be modified.
  • All newborns must be under pediatric care to come to the class.
  • Nursing gowns provided.
  • Follow up visits may be scheduled if needed or more practice is required.


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