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hot when pregnant

As the weather changes from cold to mild to hot- One may wonder how do I dress my newborn.  Can I use a fan with the baby in the room.  What is the easiest way to tell if my baby is to hot or too cold.  How do I  tell if my baby is too hot?  Your baby may have flushed cheeks. Feel the nape of the neck to see if it feels sweaty or too cold to the touch.  Over heated babies may have sweating and fast breathing. Which statements below are untrue?

·         When dressing a baby the general rule – dress the baby in as many layer as you have on and then add one more layer.

·         Never ever use a fan in the room with a newborn it can cause pneumonia.

·         Babies that sleep in a less ventilated room sleeping with a fan – lower the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Leaving the ceiling fan on a low setting is not going to cause a cold. Baby should be at least swaddled or in a sleeping sack , socks or booties. Most of the newborn heat escapes from the head as well as their tiny little feet.

Make sure your infant is always dry because damp clothing can cause hypothermia.

Use good parenting judgment-  too hot or not too hot?  Consider the temperature outside.

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