Breast Milk is best!

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It’s Baby time! I’m sure you have been informed over and over again, that breast milk is the best!!

Breast milk is the best way to feed your newborn (barring certain medical or physical conditions that limit this). At The Birthing Center of NY, we encourage, teach and support you on how to successfully breastfeed your baby. We take into consideration, your lifestyle, activities, work , social life, home life, medications, surgical and medical history as well as your breast anatomy. We listen to your needs, desire, expectations and your plan for newborn care. For those times when breastfeeding is not possible or not advised, we discuss the proper bottles, milk preparation, etc. with you as well.

Did you know that are various ways to give your baby breast milk . Can you pick out the one that is positively wrong and should not be done at any reason or any time. Good luck! Take my class to learn the answers!!!
• Breast milk in a bottle
• Syringe feeding
• Finger feeding
• Bottle Propping- put breast milk in the bottle, this will assist you while you are cooking, dressing, bottle prop allows you to do something else while baby self feeds
• Spoon feeding
• Breast feeding Supplementer

Babies DO come with Instructions

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