All Inclusive Birthing Course (1 Day, 5 Hour)


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One of the best birthing classes in NYC! Located at our beautiful freestanding birthing center. A fun, hands-on combination of our Breastfeeding, Baby Care and Childbirth classes. The Five hour class allows you to experience simulated birth, learn to time your contractions, and practice breathing and relaxation exercises. Nurse Jackie makes the birthing course fun and informative.

During this course we screen informative videos that demonstrate and teach each of the techniques/lessons. At the end of the video, we practice the topics discussed in the video.

During the Breastfeeding portion, our moms-to-be will use realistic baby dolls. Nurse Jackie teaches how to have the baby latch on properly, how to hold the baby correctly, how to prevent shaken baby syndrome & how to make more breast milk naturally.

We demonstrate how to properly pump breast milk using 4 different branded breast pumps. We can also help you with your insurance company to see if they cover the cost of the pumps.

  • 5 Hours Hands On Instruction
  • The Kegel and Pelvic Rock (The “Happy Hooker”) method.
  • Great practice for you & your coach.
  • Bottle feeding
  • Milk pumping
  • Feeding methods
  • Calming fussy baby
  • How to tell if baby is feeding adequately
  • When to seek medical attention
  • Daddy and baby bonding
  • Well known NURSERY LYRICS that comfort and relax you and your infant.
  • Washing baby’s hair
  • Cord care
  • Eye care
  • Circumcision care
  • How to change a diaper and genitalia care
  • Complete sponge bath
  • How to swaddle baby
  • Breast and bottle feeding
  • Should you require a C-section, we cover the specific differences and/or considerations between a natural (vaginal) birth, and a cesarean birth
  • Being prepared for the post-operative realities such as breathing and/or coughing
  • The “right way” to avoid rupturing the stitched abdominal area and minimizing the discomfort felt when you sneeze & cough
  • Catheter insertion and removed and that urinating may be painful afterwards
  • Discuss your activity level and how you can breastfeed when taking pain medications
  • The Lamaze Technique: Even if this is your first pregnancy, chances are good you’ve heard of the Lamaze technique (or at least Lamaze breathing). However, there’s more to this method than just inhaling deeply. As the most widely used childbirth method in the U.S., the Lamaze technique focuses on building the mother’s confidence and involves learning about the birth process, relaxation techniques and of course, breathing exercises designed to help moms through contractions.
  • The Bradley Method: This method, which involves both parents, prepares the mother to deliver her baby without pain medications and educates the baby’s father in birth coaching techniques. The Bradley Method also allows both parents to go through labor rehearsals that include relaxation techniques, massage and other methods designed to help mothers cope with the intensity of labor and delivery.
  • Birthing From Within: A holistic approach to childbirth, Birthing From Within offers parents a general informative teaching experience as well as multi-sensory processes that are designed to help mothers discover how labor works and how to keep calm during the process while coping with any unexpected surprises. Though the goal of Birthing From Within is education about natural childbirth, information about C-sections, epidurals and other interventions are also given.
  • Refreshments
  • Information handouts, books and videos
  • Certificate of completion
  • Loving Hugs from Nurse Jackie

Our Birthing Classes are different!

We have Nurse Jackie!

Babies Do come with instructions!

Each of our birthing classes are offered by Nurse Jackie Chapman RN, a lactation consultant, childbirth specialist & Certified BLS/CPR/AED instructor. Nurse Jackie Provides real-world techniques, tips and tricks learned over her 35+ years teaching and delivering babies.

Nurse Jackie believes you need to know your body during your pregnancy, labor and birth. Not knowing what to expect is the number one fear for mothers to be. Nurse Jackie will help you learn what to expect, how to manage your labor and delivery & take care of your newborn.

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