Preparing for delivery is a lot of work!

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when to goto the birthign center

WOW- preparing for this delivery, whether vaginal or cesarean delivery can be a lot of work. What other things do you need to consider and put into place before the big day? Which task is definitely a no-no, no matter when you plan to deliver?

  • Contact your place of delivery to find out who can support you. Ask if they provide a Boppy pillow, Birthing ball Etc.
  • Find out what are their Covid  policies related to significant  and supportive others ( being tested, visiting, sleeping in)
  • Between significant other, friends or family, who can assist you in taking any items home that you do not need after you deliver.  In order to make your discharge easier having less items to manage when being discharged is ideal.
  • Make arrangements for the pet and other siblings care or housing while in a facility for 2- 3 days.
  • Make sure you  have a lighter for candles and or incense for your relaxation and comfort.
  • Find out their policies on taking your placenta home, cord blood collection, etc.

-Wishing you all the best  -Take my class .  Relax you so got this!

*With the rising heat outside during the summer, please drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration, which can cause contractions!!

Jacqueline Ann Chapman 

Babies DO come with Instructions

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