Nurse Jackie’s Q & A

birhting center of ny how to handle a new born baby
You find yourself overwhelmed. You feel you can no longer give emotional, physical, spiritual and loving care to your newborn. Which statement below is correct?  .. Read more
changing diapers
This week’s Nurse Jackie Hint is a learning experience. Your delivery is very precious. You would like nothing more than having a video of your .. Read more
birthing center of ny - we are pregnant
Congratulations! You have confirmed your wanted pregnancy. You and your significant other could not be happier. During your first trimester you experience a little morning sickness. .. Read more
protecting your baby from the hot weather
Hot weather!! How should you dress your newborn for the outside weather that is greater than 75 degrees? Which answer is incorrect? 1- Do not cover .. Read more
Pregnancy diet birthing center of ny
During your pregnancy, the best thing you can do to have a healthy mommy and baby is to have and maintain a good nutritious diet. .. Read more
changing diapers
Do you know how to change a baby’s diaper? Take my class! Using one hand , hold the feet together and lift the baby’s bottom .. Read more
when to goto the birthign center
You are contemplating what to do with your baby’s umbilical cord and placenta after you give birth. Which one below is not recommended? You can .. Read more
when to goto the birthign center
WOW- preparing for this delivery, whether vaginal or cesarean delivery can be a lot of work. What other things do you need to consider and put .. Read more
birthing class nov 2021
Congratulations-You are now 37 weeks gestation. You are beginning to get a little nervous. You are having mild discomfort all over your abdomen. You notice .. Read more
hsappy fathers day from the birthing center of ny
The Birthing Center hope All the Fathers to be had a great Father’s Day.  We at the Birthing Center would like to give our father’s a .. Read more
Pregnancy can be a beautiful event. You can also have complications. You are diagnosed with preeclampsia which means your blood pressures may be elevated above baseline normal .. Read more
when to goto the birthign center
You only have a few weeks to go before your baby is expected to arrive.  What are some of the things you can do to be .. Read more
when to goto the birthign center
Congratulations you are now home with your newborn.  Covid is still active.  Which of answer below is not true? Politely asking anyone that touches or pick up .. Read more
happy mothersa day 2022
Happy Mother’s Day! Don’t want to do the traditional flowers for Mother’s Day and want to give that ultimate gift? Why not give the gift that .. Read more