Ligament Stretch a sudden and quick jabbing type sensation

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You are in your second trimester. You are experiencing sharp type pain or a jabbing type of pain In your lower abdomen and the groin area ( where your legs attach to your pelvic ). As your baby begins to grow in your uterus, these round ligaments stretch. This will cause the ligaments to tighten, something like a rubber band they snap when they are pulled. This will cause you to have a sudden and quick jabbing type sensation. You inform your provider or mid wife and they tell you, you are having round ligaments pains. Do you know what can actually trigger these pains? From below pick the one that is incorrect!


2- Coughing 

3- Laughing

4- Rolling over or movement in bed

5- Standing up too quickly 

6- Sitting too long in one position 

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Nurse Jackie says,
"Babies DO come with Instructions"

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