Chinese News NTD: A New Birthing Center Opens In Brooklyn

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The Chinese News NTD was present at the ribbon cutting of the Birthing Center of NY and interviewed Dr Lisa Eng

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The Birthing Center Of New York allows mothers to give birth in a warm and comfortable environment. Located in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, Dr. Lisa Eng, a Chinese OBGYN, opened a unique Birthing Center.

Dr. Lisa Eng: “No one wants to go to the hospital to have children”. Some people want to be born at home, but also are worried that is not the safest place. This birthing center, provides the best of both worlds, the comfort of home and the safety of a hospital. The birthing Center is a DOH approved medical center. The Birthing Center of NY costs for delivery will be less than hospitals.

The Birthing Center of NY founder Dr. Eng:

“If you want to naturally give birth, are pregnant with a single baby, not twins, and do not want to undergo surgery to be a mother, here is the ideal place. We want to provide mothers a safe home like environment.”
The Birthing Center of NY’s manager Hanna: “water births can reduce pain because of the buoyancy in the water, negating the need for anesthetics”.

Some prospective mothers are afraid of pain, choosing cesarean section, however pediatrician Huang Yan believes “natural childbirth will be more beneficial to the baby”.

Pediatrician Huang Yan: “The general birthing channel is better, so the child can experience less complications, than those who are born via cesarean section”

At the ribbon-cutting ceremony, New York State Senator Marty Golden and other elected officials awarded praise & thanked Dr. Lisa Eng for providing mothers in the community quality birthing services and support.

“There are 2.7 million people in Brooklyn and the population of each district is growing rapidly. We need this center and we are very happy that the center is open to serve families, mothers and the community,” said New York State Senator Golden.

Also supporting the Birthing Center of NY is New York University Lutheran Hospital. Should a patient experience any complications, the patient can be immediately transferred to the hospital, which is located less than half a mile away. The Birthing Center of NY is now open to all mothers to be.

Tel: 929-888-6996
Address: 6702 Brooklyn 3 Avenue
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