Nurse Jacky was amazing!

Nurse Jackie is an Exceptional Teacher

Nurse Jacky was amazing! She was extremely helpful and informative. She provided us with the information we needed to make and the right tools for us. The classes are worth it, and I highly recommend them to all parents.
Nurse Jacky is the sweetest !!
Thank you!

We Learned things we never knew!

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My husband and I did the birth class with Nurse Jackie 11/14/21… It was our first time taking a birthing class, but this isn’t our first child and we learned things we NEVERR KNEWW! She teaches hospital language, she taught us questions to ask, what answers to know, she taught my husband different massages to help throughout contraction, we learned about breast feeding, post-partum & after baby care, this class is so worth it! Actually its worth more lol Thank you so much Nurse Jackie we look forward to giving birth at the center and we feel confident after taking your class. We’re 35 weeks and We feel ready!

My husband and I took the 5 hour All Inclusive Birthing Class and it was incredible.

birthing class nov 2021

birthing class nov 2021

birthing class nov 2021

birthing class nov 2021
My husband and I took the 5 hour All Inclusive Birthing Class and it was incredible. I went in feeling anxious about labor and delivery, and have left feeling confident that I can do this. Nurse Jackie is kind, compassionate, and very honest–and I feel comfortable that I know my options and have a general idea of what to expect (although of course each birth is different and anything can happen). Nurse Jackie helped us learn natural pain management techniques, educated us on the various things that can happen while in labor, and how to navigate nurses and doctors in the delivery room and be more conscious of the various things that can happen, and how a medical professional might deal with the situation. Overall, it helped calm my nerves about labor and delivery and boost my confidence and trust in my body, baby, and partner. We also covered newborn care, breastfeeding, and infant CPR. Not only was Nurse Jackie extremely knowledgeable, she is very funny, and while we were learning we were also laughing and having a good time. Thank you Nurse Jackie for sharing your wisdom and helping us feel that we can take on this next challenge in life-parenting! We are educated and empowered and ready, thank you Nurse Jackie!

You need a birthing class!


Every parent to be should take this class with nurse Jackie she was super informative and she makes the class fun and exciting, I 100 % recommended her , I feel more prepare for labor and care for my baby Dalí

thank you so much nurse Jackie

After taking her course, I feel more confident

Nurse Jackie is an Exceptional Teacher

My husband and I took the All Inclusive  5 hour Birthing Class.   After taking her course, I feel more confident about the childbirth process and baby care as a first time mom. I highly recommend taking this class. It’s a very hands-on, one-on-one course tailored to you and your partner’s needs, whether you are having a vaginal or Caesarean birth.  Not to mention, she “keeps it real” and makes sure you know all the medical terminology to be to be a better advocate for you and your baby’s healthcare during childbirth. Lastly, she is so entertaining, warm, and hilarious! Do not hesitate to take this course!

Just Do It!

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Do Nurse Jackie’s birth class! We attended the 5 hour (plus 1 hour CPR) class. We’d already done a lot of reading and prep on birth but Nurse Jackie’s significant experience in the NY hospital and health care system gave us a different perspective and she provided us with a lot of tips and advice that we didn’t already know. We really enjoyed her teaching style, which combined hands on activities with discussion and videos. The 6 total hours honestly flew by and we feel smarter and more prepared for birth and baby’s early weeks because of Nurse Jackie. Thanks Nurse Jackie!

Nurse Jackie is very informative

Nurse Jackie is an Exceptional Teacher

My husband and I took the 5hr class hosted by nurse Jackie. She was very informative and not shy. So feel free to ask her any questions related to your pregnancy. She gives a good visual of what to expect and even how the whole birthing experience will feel.

I realize after taking her class that babies are sensible little human beings. This made it easier for me to interact with my child after birth.

During labor, all Jackie’s pain management exercises came back to mind. I utilized the one that worked best for me; it brought me much relief.

I was able to give birth naturally because of the clear information provided by nurse Jackie about what happens during labor.

Thank you!

Great Class!

the class was great

It was a great class! Nurse Jackie was very knowledgeable, really hands on class. She acted out scenarios, It was a really fun & knowledgeable class. Really appreciate her taking a Saturday to come in and teach us.

Nurse Jackie is Exceptional

Nurse Jackie is an Exceptional Teacher
I would like to say Nurse Jackie is nothing less then exceptional .Her hands on training is just what me and my husband needed to get our mojo back with caring for a baby and childcare in general.I will take her wise words and  with me wherever I go. as a new mother.
Nurse Jackie  don’t just Talk to you, she nurtures you into parenthood and makes u look forward to the new road ahead .

We are such fans and will be back and always recommend her to others

And whenever I am hit with a troublesome situation as a new mother.I  will ask
WHAT would nurse Jackie Do ?

she would just tell me to Smell the roses and blow out the birthday Candles …Just breathe

We Learned a Lot in a short time!

great birthing class nurse jacky bcny

We took the all-inclusive 5 hour course. It was very informative and interactive. We felt we learned a lot in a short period of time. Nurse Jacky kept us engaged and was able to answer our questions. As first time parents, this course was very helpful for us to feel more prepared.